Brand New To Australia, The Best Way To Carry & Store Your Fishing Rods.

About Us

The team at Rod-Runner Australia are mad on Boating  and Fishing. Being in Western Australia, we have plenty of opportunities to wet a line and catch some amazing fish.

We gather good mates who love to get together for some beers, fishing and a laugh. Being on and around the water is big part of our lives.
But like so many of us who like to fish, we always struggled to keep our rods organised when on the road or even just storing them at home. We were so sick of our rods rolling around and getting tangling in the back of the Ute and 4WD that we started looking for a better way to keep our rods organised while on the go as well at home.

When we first came across the Rod-Runner brand, we knew we were onto something very special.

Even though they were only sold in the USA at the time, we had to give them and a go, so we bought a few to try them out.

We couldn't believe simple and lightweight these rod carriers were and they totally changed our minds in the concept of the way we can store and carry our rods. No more tangles in the back of the car, no more trying to find space on a shelf somewhere where they just end up in the way and get more tangled.

Rod Runner Australia ! The Best Way to Store, Carry and Manage your Fishing Rods to avoid Tangles and Damage to your Fishing Rods, Reels and Lines

We finally found the perfect solution to carrying and storing our Fishing Rods in a simple and affordable way. The Rod-Runner instantly changed the way we go fishing and how we store our rods when we're at home.

In fact we loved them so much that we wanted to share these brilliant Fishing Rod Carriers with the rest of Australia. So we got together, had a chat and became the ExclusiveDistributor for Rod Runners in Australia.

We are so happy to be the Exclusive Distributor for Rod-Runner here in Australia and we know they will change the way you go fishing for ever. Check out the Social Media, Influencers and YouTube Videos Pages on this website to see how many Fishing Celebrities and Mad Keen Enthusiasts Love and Endorse this Product.

Thanks to Frank for inventing this product and making it available to the World !